Narad Ji -sroty

The lumberjack in the village and his family used to palooza in the room of 7 8 lakh police station and after going to Ghudar, he was looking for the spoiled one in Muni. The lacquered said it was appropriate to change the situation.

So listen to us, you leave this work, the woodcutter said, Maharaj, even if you meet me, you may also be Baba, do not make me Baba, it is not a matter of brother, I go to God every day, God will give you something, seeing your humility, if Maharaj is like this It’s a matter of J.Dary Woody but all the children will be responsible for you.

Maharaj Ji said Brother, be rest assured, you will meet the day after tomorrow, Jayasiyaram, Jaisiaram Narad Ji reached Sankar Ji, and bowed down, Bhole Nath said, how did you come, Muni Shrestha, you are welcome, Muni said, just very good, say one thing on the Lord, Lord, you are the master of truth. But what kind of misery does Muni say of that misery, see Maharaj who has 8 members

My poor wife has nothing to eat even today, Sankar ji said, Narad, you come to BDO, when God is in a family cast, then you will be able to see whether or not Narad, this is not a matter, let him suffer. Whose fate is written

Lord people say that whatever cannot happen to anyone, you can do it, you also make Narad upset me and give him a stuck bull and five rupees.

ok now lord

Narad Ji comes again after 7 8 days to the woodcutter and asks his solution, how are you brother Maharaj Sitaram Sitaram Bhaiya How are you Maharaj Ji, no matter how much you do, no matter how much you do, drown the day, you get 5 rupees, now you tell how he grew up Family Narad Ji felt bad man, you are saying the right thing, let’s see

Do one thing, you put this stick bull bench, that woodcutter’s mind got spoiled, started thinking that this Mahatma wants to do, Maharaj, you have made arrangements, you are selling my bull, yes brother, you heard it right, you should put the bull bench again after saying this. Narad Ji left, and that woodcutter gave Bo Dunda the bull, but it was Sankar’s gift.

The woodcutter did the work of selling every day with a very happy heart, thanking the sage, and giving benches every day, one day Narad came to Bhole Nath, Lord Dandavat Prabhu said Narad, you come, now what new trouble did you bring, Narad said Maharaj is new not old Mahadev One’s family can run with Rs.5

Dharampal and Heaven -Story

Do you think, Maharaj, who has 8 children, then you would have done it, Narad, you want to say that Mehra, to whom you had given the stick, give him some more blessings, Narad, let him suffer as much as you do not Maharaj, you are going to erase the numbers written by you, Lord Do grieve Narad, you also do it yourself

Thank You

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