Covid or Poverty?

By | September 28, 2021

<Starting Speech>

The country was facing an economic crisis after the arrival of the Corona epidemic.

People were dying everywhere, but was this disease is the only reason for killing everyone?


Where some people in the country were losing their lives fighting this disease, there were many people like this too.

Who might have saved himself from this disease, but somewhere poverty killed him.

And these are not any other people, they are the people living between us and you who have fulfilled our every little need.

Who has left their own children alone at home for your needs.

But perhaps we have forgotten them by forgetting those things and have left them in their condition.

There are just a few things related to this that we want to explain to you through this small film of ours.




Phase 1:-

Rich families will live well at home,His daughter (Parul) will talk to her friend (Rohit) over a video call.

Rohit will keep talking suddenly his mother will give voice and speak- Go Rohit and bring vegetables,The vegetable seller has come,

Rohit will hold the call and go to get the vegetables and then after 10 minutes he will come back with the vegetables.

Rohit will come back and continue the call and then Parul will say-How cheap you guys still buy such stuff, Rohit will say yes we

buy like this for years.

Parul will say Rohit why don’t you guys buy online. You will get discounts, offers and even more free PUBG vouchers by taking online.

Rohit will say that free PUBG vouchers will also be available?then now I will tell my family to take everything online.

Then Parul will say work is there and will cut the call.


Rohit will convince his family to take it online. His father (Mahesh) will scold him but in the end Rohit convinced everyone and they

will buy all online.(Rohit’s father also owns a shop)

Phase 2:-

After a few weeks, when the vegetable vendors came, no one would buy anything from them.(everyone is buying online)


Vegetable seller (Ram Babu) talks to fruit seller (Surili Tai) that his daughter(Imli)) has online exams And he has promised her that

he will bring her new smartphones but no one has bought anything due to which he cannot buy the phone.Tai encourages him and tells him to go home.

When he goes home, he (Ram Babu) tells his daughter that – forgive me daughter, I am helpless and I will have to stop your studies.

Imli runs away from there crying and then she cannot bear the fact that now she will have to stop her studies and in depression she commits suicide.

Imli’s parents go out to find her and then they find Imli’s dead body. When there is noise, a crowd gathers there,Journalists come there.

Mahesh’s family is watching the news at that time. Reporter (Riya) goes there and asks Imli’s mother how everything happened.

But her mother goes in shock, Surili Tai tells that since everyone has started making online purchases, then we poor have no money to eat.

In such a situation, from where would the poor father of this girl bring the phone for her? Because of which this girl missed the exam

and she could not bear it and gave her life.

Hearing this, everyone starts crying and the reporter asks everyone who is responsible for this?

All this is going on, Mahesh speaks with love to his son that look that it will happen but Rohit makes fun of him and he leaves from there.

he(rohit) makes video call to his friend (Parul) and flirts. Then Parul tells him that our exams are coming for which we need a latest laptop.

Rohit asks the price of the laptop, Parul says that it is only 80-90 thousand.

Rohit says in front of her that my father will buy it for me.

While the family members are having dinner, Rohit comes and at the same time says that he needs a new laptop and his sister (Pooja)

also starts saying that i need a new phone too.(Due to everyone buying online, Mahesh’s shop was not selling anything)

Both siblings start fighting, Mahesh scolds them and sends them to the room.

Mahesh talks to his wife (Shalu) about this. Shalu tells him, don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Mahesh goes out of the house saying that he is going for a walk.

Mahesh thinks that from where to get the laptop? But if he is not able to bring the laptop, then his son will also kill himself like Imli.

Mahesh speaks to himself – (no, I can not let this happen, I would give my life better than watching my children die,

Rohit will be able to complete his studies with the money that will come from my insurance).

Before dying, Mahesh writes a letter and hangs himself.In the morning, when Pooja comes to the room to sweep, she sees Mahesh hanging from the fan.

Pooja shouts loudly “mummy mummy” When Shalu comes, when she sees this, she faints and till then Rohit is so shocked when he sees his father.

Rohit cries holding Papa’s feet and then he get that letter.

It is written in that letter – (Son, I am not a coward, I am just a father who is making a small sacrifice for the happiness of his children

the money that will come from my insurance,you should do your studies and become a big man and always buy goods from your small shopkeepers

Otherwise there will be someone else’s father instead of your father,take care of your mother and sister).

Rohit feels very sorry and requests everyone to buy goods from all the small shopkeepers.

(The End)

Moral of the story– We have to move towards online but take everyone along, when everyone is capable of it.

From which neither one’s daughter dies nor anyone’s father.

Thank You {written by – Ujjwal Gupta}02:40 28-09-2021