Dharampal and Heaven -Story

                                                             A Seth called his son Dharampal near while beating him and said, Son, I have nothing to give you because in my life I have suffered the fall, just keeping the family up, I have my blessings, and this blessing will give you your life. I will be filled with happiness and live a happy life

This is the prayer to God and Seth gave up his life, all the burden of the family came on Dharampal. So what started playing in lakhs, gradually the city started counting in the set has, became a lot of money

Now wherever he put his hand, the same karma continued, he used to appreciate the blessings of his father, if it was not for the blessings of the father, then this happiness would not have happened, one day his friends asked his brother, you are getting a good lottery day by day. Brother this is the blessing of my parents

          The friend said when your father could have so much, then why was your father not rich, hey friend, not in the father, it is in his blessings, where I raise the soil, it becomes gold, Dharmapal felt that whatever I do business, profit in it There is only profit, now such business should be done, thinking of loss and loss, went to a friend’s house, said to a friend, brother where I put my hands, the same profit is there, tell me such a business if there is a loss

The friend thought that he was proud of his money, so why should I not tell the opposite businessman, Dharmapal said, who said friend, why do you not buy cloves from India i.e. your country, and go to sell Africa, is it okay? It will be felt because Africa is the country of the people, and there will be a definite loss.

          Dharmapala did the same, he went to sell Africa after buying long from India. As soon as he landed the plane in Africa, he saw that only the sandy land was visible far away, only then Bo moved forward and walked a few distances, and then the King Sultan came from the front. Dharam Pal with his army asked a Yubak, who was coming, he replied that it was the Sultan of this Sultan who also saw him coming and asked who are you from where have you come, I am Dharam Pal Seth from India to do business with you. hai sultan khus hua chalo welcome

But Dharpal saw that there was an army with the sultan, but the gun and the sword were nothing but the ring in the hands of all the soldiers, only then he asked the sultan whether the army was with him, but what is it in his hands, the sultan said just like this When I felt like walking, I went out and at the same time my ring also fell.

In this sand, I thought that the same ring was found, Jai Bese, then twice that ring is in the house, but the bow ring is the blessing of a fakir, whatever I am today, I am because of the same ring. What to do business, sir, want to do business of people here, the Sultan started laughing and thinking, there is a treasure of people here.

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          Dharampal will buy your long cone, said the same thing, I have come to try my father’s blessings. The sultan’s ring studded with diamonds came into his hand, the sultan said brother, this ring is mine

Thank you too, the ring that brought such a big army was that: Blessed is your father, blessed is your mother, Mangalo Dharmapal said what you want, if you want to give a king, then you give me that you are happy, your people are happy, you Saad reigns honestly

This is the only demand, our sultan was very happy and started saying that we buy as many people as we have and have given them double the price of their people.

The service of parents is the apple and devotion of God, the one who served his parents got a place in heaven.

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