Inner Voice – a person inside you.

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Inner voice – A person inside you.

Hey, let’s talk to ourselves today! so you, oh yes you “Have you ever seen yourself?

How do you look?

The body is thin, there is blackness under the eyes, there is little income, neither the appearance is very good, nor is there shining hairs.

There are four pants in total, which you keep on changing every two days.

No one likes to talk to you, leave the girl, even the boys run away from you.

Have you ever thought? why are you like this?

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Say Ujjwal thought that ever? Yaa ya I know you think every day, you ask yourself the same question every day, don’t you?

Let me also tell you what you ask yourself.

  1. Why am I like this?
  2. Do I not look beautiful?
  3. Why do people run away from me?

blah blah!

Let me give you the answer today, oh yes, I am ‘The voice inside you and the voice of all those who are reading this’. Whom this question bothers every day again and again “Why are they like this?”

Because we are all assholes! We care what people say about us, what they think of us, how they see us. We inculcate their thinking, we think like them, we try to be like them, we want to learn how they walk, how they speak, how they eat.

Stop doing this!

Stop being fool!

Now you are the one who is like no one else and no one is like you ‘we all are different’ there are billions of people in the world. And you are one of the most unique people, those who made us have sent us the mark of being unique.

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Don’t disrespect them by saying bad yourself. No one is perfect!

Time, Situation, Emotion, Money – these things make men’s perfect or imperfect. Everything depends on you, how you take all these things serious and at what point of time. Sometime we ignore things by enjoying foolish moments and at a moment in life when we are ready to take things seriously but the right time has gone and then we blame our luck even we people start blaming God for everything.

Is it right?


We have to improve ourselves! But when? When you really think that you have to change or need to upgrade yourself for getting best from you, to achieve your dreams, to feed your loved once, to live your real life.

Change yourself but at that time when you realize that yes that’s the correct time to upgrade.

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And please please don’t say that no one loves you in your natural looks. Because love is not based on looks it is based on humanity, emotions, loyalty, thoughts, thinking of a person from whom a person get attracted and fall in love with them. Love has not proper definition that’s why people love each other beyond anything else.

No one is made perfect, the second person who comes in their life make them perfect throw their love and support. Most important thing in any relationship is mutual understanding, the person who understand you, who adjust for you & you adjust for them or you understand them that makes relationship stronger.

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You don’t need to talk for hours a day; minutes of conversation is enough for you if that comes with love and loyalty. We all try to be perfect for someone else, but believe me stop doing this to impress other just ask yourself- Is the version of you makes you happy? Makes you comfortable?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you don’t have to change yourself and if the answer is ‘No’ then just start working on you not for others this time do it for yourself.

                             Thank you.

Written By- Ujjwal Gupta


Author: Ujjwal Gupta