Inner Voice-A Person Inside You


In this incandescent journey, we call Life most people are torn by the inadequacies of the wants they manage to have inherited and the remaining lead in a way so that the life which wasn’t lived by them which they ought to live would someday be lived by someone else.

A paced world leaves us in bits and pieces whereby the time we’re done all we have left to do is to collect the scattered pieces and make an ensemble model that reinstates the structure of the life we’ve left behind.

There is a dilemma we come across or in other words, life puts before us in regards to the thing we’re really supposed to do, as opposed to the thing we think we are supposed to do.

There are two paths to life one which shows us the way and the other that we lay, the former is inherited from a virtuous lineage and the other is born by the hardship of the unknown.

Covid or Poverty?

The more we are close to the former the more we move towards following the same path whereas the more we inch towards the latter the more prone we become to create something new.

The reason why we feel distorted when we are out of place is that a voice deep within tries to tell us that we’re not supposed to be where we are. It doesn’t say where we are supposed to be but only where we’re not.

This analogy is similar to the one where we say, the things we know as supposed to the things we don’t.

No matter whether we take either course we will land where we are destined to be if we choose to listen to the voice that tells us to be elsewhere we end up trusting our instincts and
following our gut to our destiny but if we choose to mute the voice we set to embark on a journey borne by a mistake.
Now following the instinct seems a better option but is equally difficult to follow as the
voice shows you your destination but not the road. We believe we will get there but the way to it is unknown, that is what makes us question our prophecy which we see as a fallacy.

The other road is difficult it makes us travel in such a way that we forget the sight of the destination as we are entangled by the hurdles every step of the way.

We question everything as we realize the journey was a dream initiated by a mistake, an unintentional mistake. People who travel the road less often land up there because their conscience doesn’t let them take the road often.

Their inner voice speaks out loud to them as they embark on a journey to create something
that they didn’t expect they could but had a hint deep within.

Life teaches you its fundamentals in reproduction and regeneration into something that sustains but the voice inside yells that there is something more.

The purpose of life is to find the purpose of life, which is never taught to us as the people who have paved the way took the road less traveled as they were the command over the
the voice they heard.

There is someone deep in your soul that attires in a similar fashion inside of you, telling you what you are meant to do in life, what purpose must you fulfill to honor your life but it is the mechanical pattern that throws you off guard.

People follow something credible as that is the safe option when you follow something or someone credible you know where you’re headed but the voice inside of you speaks loud and clear that following this course won’t fulfill the purpose.

We’re told to age accordingly, to choose our phases accordingly, to maneuver our personalities to shape our fortune, to be reluctant to change, and to fulfill the desires of others.

Sahir Ludhianvi

We hear them till the end but fail to hear the person within, the person who tells us that
there is more to life than just finding a reason to survive rather than means to survive, that the purpose of life is indeed to find the purpose of life, and the way we get there is to find the beacon that shines within, that sparks the outcries of the ones left behind, that throws the light onto those in need and the ones who require and the way we find that light is by listening to that quiet voice that has been echoing inside you all this while.

Life in its entirety is a complex maze where, no matter what path we choose, what path we start walking on, or the paths we change onto are all leading us to the place where we were meant to be.

We might have different interactions and experiences at each given path but it ultimately fulfills us when we reach the destination.

The goal is to be the torch that guides you and not follow the footsteps that lead you. Your inner self tells you what you’re capable of and the things you need to accomplish.

It doesn’t matter if you listen to your inner voice or not one way or the other you are
going to be at the place where you are destined to be as even though life is a maze and you might witness different versions of yourself, you’re still the same person trying to be where you want to be.

People always wonder where the answers lie and the answer to that has been with them all this while, the answer that they’re running from, their past.

The ones who run from it never get ahead of it and those who stay in it can never see what lies ahead. The person within you tells you at every step where you want to be so no matter what life you choose, whether it derails you or puts you right on the track, never hesitate the voice within you that will get you where you truly belong.

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