first day

The story starts at the bus stop. When Bunty (24 years old) was waiting for the bus as usual. And again and again, he looked at his watch and made a crooked face, not knowing who was holding the funds. In this suddenly a beautiful girl in a B M W lowers the coach of the car and says. Come let me leave you.

Bunty says. But I don’t even know you, so why would you leave me? That’s what the girl says. But I know you very well. You come every day after 2 minutes of getting settled and look at the clock again and again and make a crooked face. Perhaps you also listen to the boss’s stopper in the office.

Anyway, I stay in front. So I watch your daily program. I am going here today. So thought I would help you. Come sit, Bunty sits down. and asks. what is your name Vaishali (age 22) and do you call Bunty ‘Bunty’? Bunty says. They have to go to the side Bali building. I do the same thing. And then Vaishali drops Bunty there and leaves.

Second day

The next morning Bunty comes running. But even today the same thing happens again. Which used to happen every day. Then he started making the same messy face because the next bus used to come after 30 minutes. But after 2 minutes Vaishali came in her car. Where else come Mr. Late I will drop you.

And Bunty quietly sits in the car. Vaishali asks. How do you get late every day? Bunty says. While bathing and cooking, Vaishali asks with a little smile. Do you live alone?

Where is your wife? Wife, what kind of wife, I am not even married yet. I am a virgin now. And you, you are married. What, otherwise I am still a virgin. Just then Bunty’s office comes. And then drops Bunty and goes to Vaishali.

A friend of Bunty tells Bunty in the office. What’s the matter? Man, you come soon today. Do you not miss your bus now? Bunty says. Today I come by car. says his friend from the car. Whose car is it?

There are no girls. The girl named Vaishali did not love you. Otherwise, no one in this world helps anyone. I don’t know man and then walks away smiling.

third Day

On the third day also Bunty’s bus leaves. And Vaishali comes again with her car. And stops in front of Bunty. Bunty sits quietly in it. And Vaishali too quietly drops her off at her office.

fourth day

On the fourth day again his bus leaves there. And he waits for Vaishali. The wait gets so long. That’s when another bus arrives. And Bunty leaves the bus. And stands at the same bus stop.

And some think. Then Vaishali comes there. and says. Why did you just leave? Bunty remains silent. Vaishali asks again. Tell me why, I do not know, but my feet did not rise, Bunty says. says Vaishali.

After all, why didn’t your feet rise, maybe I was waiting for you. Not about the bus, said Bunty. Vaishali asks why. Maybe I like being with you. It seems I have fallen in love with you. Maybe you too told me Bunty.

Foolish Vaishali said maybe I do. Tumse Pyaar Bunty tossed the bag up with her hand and said, Yahoo and Vaishali smiled. Then bid to go to the office today. No, if not Bunty, then today I have got a promotion. In love and you say you have to go to the office. No, today you have to hit the job bunk.

Today, you will have fun for the whole day till evening, hey, Vaishali. Vaishali says no, I have some work today, and tomorrow. Bunty says, hey man, what is this work today? You can’t stay with me today. says Vaishali.

It was on this day that my father died. And it’s only been a year for them. So today is his anniversary. That’s why I can’t go. Bunty says can I join your sorrow. Vaishali says yes, why not come tonight at 7 o’clock, you go to the office now. Yes okay, says Bunty.

Bunty reaches Vaishali’s house at 7 pm. And Vaishali’s maternal uncles, uncles, and aunts also meet relative relatives. And then Vaishali introduces a young lady. Whose age will be around 35-36. Who will be about 12-13 years older than Vaishali’s age. Vaishali says this is mine. So Bunty stops.

I say I will tell. And says, she is your elder sister. Vaishali says no, she is my mother. Bunty falls asleep hearing this. And take care of yourself. And sits with everyone in worship. Vaishali’s mother says after the puja is over. Bunty, you come tomorrow and bid farewell to all the relatives.

Fifth day 

On the fifth day when Bunty goes to Vaishali’s house. So his mother opens the door of the house. and says. Come son Bunty goes inside the house. And when she sits, Vaishali also comes. And his mother comes with tea. And there is talk in all three of them. Vaishali’s mother knows everything about Bunty and accepts Vaishali and Bunty’s relationship.

and says. When are you two getting married now? Yes, Bunty says. When Vaishali says Vaishali says, wax has just begun. Will get married too, his mother says, it is fine.

Sixth Day

The sixth day was Saturday. And Bunty had an office holiday. So both Vaishali and Bunty go to a temple. And make promises to live and die together. And they take both the lockets from the priest and wear them one by one. Vaishali says the mother is going to the maternal uncle’s place tomorrow. “So,” says Bunty. So will you come to my house okay? “Ok,” Bunty says.

Seventh Day

On the seventh day, Vaishali was waiting for Bunty to decorate. Then the bell of the house rings. And she sees. In front of him was Varsha (18 years old). Hey, if you had called before coming, I would have come to pick you up, says Varsha, if I had told you my dear sister, who would have given the surprise? And then they both come in.

After a while, the bell rings again. And the rain opens the door. Rain’s senses fly away as soon as the door is opened. And says S. Just then Vaishali comes. And she says, comes to Bunty. Varsha looks towards Vaishali. And says, who are they? Vaishali says your juju. Oh, Jiju says rain. And then all three have laughter, jokes, and talks.

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Eight Day

On the eighth day Bunty’s phone rings. On the phone, Varsha talks sweetly to Bunty. and invites her to meet him. Bunty refuses. So she says. Vaishali had said. And Bunty agrees.

When Bunty reaches home. So let’s see. There was no one else there except Rain. And she was in a romantic mood. Bunty asks. So she says. She will come now and after coming to him, she starts touching him here and there. And by the time he understands it is too late. Then his mother says out loud.

Varsha gives a loud slap. You are playing with your sister’s life. And says rain. Sorry, Mom Vaishali also comes in this way. and says. Don’t leave, Mother Varsha is still innocent. and says. Mother forgives Varsha and then she forgives. Then everyone enjoys life happily.

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