VishnuPriya A Love Story of a Soldier

Everyone in Kishanpur was very excited that day. Since morning the villagers have been waiting eagerly to welcome the most loved boy from the village Vishnu. Vishnu was the only son of the family.

After completing his education, he expressed his desire to join the Indian Army and serve the nation.

Everyone around him was happy and proud of him for learning this, but his mother was very tense.

She knew the life of a soldier was never easy. She had asked him to join civil services if he had the desire to serve the nation but he was adamant about joining the Army.

After completing his graduation from the taluka, he appeared for the entrance exams of CDS and after clearing the final interview he was first posted in Kashmir, and that day he was coming back home for the first time after joining the army.

Vishnu had been happy about this leave as well. He was so excited to talk about his posting to his friends and family.

Also, someone whom he had constantly missed all this while, apart from his family and friends was his childhood sweetheart Priya. She lived in their neighborhood. Vishnu and Priya were brought up together, they played, studied, and graduated together.

After completing her education Priya had taken up a job at the Taluka. Everyone in the Army camp was by now well aware of the story of Vishnu and Priya and how they had turned from childhood friends into teenage lovers and now had plans to get married.

Both their families were extremely happy to know about Vishnu and Priya and had agreed to get them married when Vishnu returned from the posting.

Priya had taken a day off from work to welcome Vishnu. She was sitting in her courtyard and reminiscing about all the moments of love and happiness she had lived with him.

She remembered how once while in college, she and Vishnu had planned to sit on the same bench, and every time they planned someone else would come and sit.

Vishnu: “Today we’ll sit on the same bench okay? I’ll make sure that like yesterday, today no one would come and sit beside you and even if anyone comes you’ll not allow it.”

Priya: “That’s alright but what will I say if someone asks to sit? I would not tell them that I reserved it for you else everyone will tease us.”

Vishnu: “You don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it.”

As soon as Vishnu enters the classroom, he pretends to fall and everyone around comes to his rescue. Since he was very popular in the classroom and loved by all, everyone was offering help and a few of his friends decided to sit with him today to help him out.

Vishnu wants to deny all of them and hence he gives various reasons to them so that ultimately Priya is left alone and they can sit together.

Priya on the other hand was standing in the corner and having fun and enjoying the whole scene. After all the various confusions and some drama purposely created by Vishnu finally Priya sits with him.

While Priya was thinking this unknowingly she started smiling and then she heard someone saying that Vishnu had arrived at the taluka and anytime he would be reaching the village. Priya’s heartbeat had now started racing. After 8 months today, she was going to meet Vishnu. Also, their families had planned to get them engaged this week and their wedding next week. Priya had planned so many things for her wedding.

She had already decided what she would wear and how she would tease Vishnu, what fun they have together.

Everyone from the village had gathered at the bus stop to receive and welcome Vishnu. Even Priya had come. The bus arrived. Priya could no longer wait to see Vishnu. As she saw him getting down from the bus and coming towards all she had a flashback of the day when he had proposed to her.

As he was getting down she remembered Vishnu getting off his bike. As he was nearing the crowd she remembered him coming towards her. As soon as Vishnu’s vision fell on Priya she remembered their eye contact. He hugged his mother and father. Sought their blessings and now he was heading toward her.

He was coming nearer and their heartbeats were now in sync. Racing together and the speed increases as they near each other. Priya now remembers how he knelt on the ground while pulling out a ring.

As Vishnu was about to reach her and hug her and Priya having the flash of him saying ‘I Love You Priya’ a car comes speedingly and the driver loses control over it, it hits Priya and she is thrown away at a distance. Everyone is shocked and Vishnu is taken aback.

He runs towards her only to find her bleeding and severely injured. Vishnu sits down and holds Priya in his arms.

He is crying and all the villagers gather around them. Priya could hardly breathe. She utters “I LOVE YOU VISHNU” and breathes her last in his arms. Vishnu sobbed in pain. The pain of losing his second love.

One week after all the post-death rituals of Priya were done, Vishnu was now ready to leave for his second posting. He seeks blessings from his parents and Priya’s parents look at Priya’s photo in their common courtyard smile at her and blush as if she is winking at him and leaves.


For the first time, he was leaving his village and was not accompanied by Priya till the bus stop, but he was accompanied by her memories. On his way to the stop, he remembered how he and Priya used to have an emotional moment bidding goodbye to each other and how they longed to meet each other.

The bus comes, and he boards and leaves.

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