Top 10 most popular sports in India

Hi, friends welcome to Vishnu k films on this post we will cover the Top 10 most popular sports in India.

so, let's start now these Sports are given below:

1. Cricket
2. Football
3. Kabaddi
4. Badminton
5. Hockey
6. Tennis
7. Wrestling
8. Boxing
9. Motorsports
10. Basketball

so, these are most top ten Sports in India let's start discussing them one by one.


cricket is the most popular Sport in India there are no Comparision. this sport is like all ages groups.


is the second-largest popular sport in India. the Indian football team ranked 105 in the world.


this sport is in the third position in India. kabaddi is the traditional sport in India. kabaddi has returned to the mainstream with the unforeseen rise of the pro kabaddi league.


this sport ranked the fourth position in the Indian ranking. though had always been a sport of great interest among the public.


hockey is the fifth position in India. this is the national sport of India. hockey is still trying to find a way back to the golden years. the decline of hockey has since been apparent.


tennis is the most popular in the world. tennis is the sixth position in India. to increase the viewership of tennis in India.


wrestling is the seventh position in India. wrestling has more popular for these films Dangal and sultan.


most people are like is WWE. boxing is the eighth position in India. Vijender Singh is an Indian boxer.


motorsports are like a motor race. it is the ninth position in India.


basketball is the last on this list. It means tenth-ranked sports. this game is played by both males and females.

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